University of Pittsburgh

Impact, Innovation, and Insight
Dean John T. Delaney
Dean John T. Delaney reflects on the many ways Pitt Business is transforming the world
Fashion Sense
Fashion Sense
Clothing brands owe as much of their success to strategy, infrastructure, sourcing, and marketing as to artistic design, and Pitt Business alumni are driving some well-loved clothing brands
What's in Store?
J. Jeffrey Inman’s research on consumer decision making has implications for your neighborhood grocery store
2013 Business Alumni Association Awards
Award Recipients: Individuals and a corporate partner recognized at the 49th annual Business Alumni Association Awards program
Quintessential Entrepreneur
Joseph M. Katz
Known for his penchant for bootstrapping, salesmanship, and drive, Joseph M. Katz is a fitting namesake for a business school that strives to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in its students
Israel Rising
Paul Harper is attempting to ignite new partnerships between Israeli businesses, the University, and the City of Pittsburgh
The Conscience of Business
Five MBA students spent the spring term developing recommendations that will impact the business operations and effectiveness of Pittsburgh organizations
Pitt Business alumni and clients of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence are embracing the risks in order to enjoy the rewards

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