University of Pittsburgh

Career Management Seeking More Alumni Involvement

The Katz Career Management Center looks to connect with and involve more Katz alumni in 2013.

“Our students want more interaction with alumni,” says Melissa Shapiro, director of the Career Management Center.  “Alumni drive company relationships and influence organizations to hire our students.  We recently had GlaxoSmithKline on campus to recruit Katz students. It was a rewarding experience for both our students and the Katz alumna who facilitated the recruiting event."

To encourage alumni participation in Katz recruitment and professional development opportunities, the Career Management Center will be unveiling a new alumni section of its Web site later in February. 

“Katz alumni are critically important to the success of our school, but we also like staying connected with our students once they graduate.” says Shaina Tsupros, assistant director of the Career Management Center.  “Katz has a wonderful sense of community, and we want to keep our former students as members of that community, which is why we’re dedicating a portion of our Web site to our alumni.” 

Samantha Hollack, a Katz alumna and chair of the Alumni Council’s Career Management Committee, says that “being involved in the Katz alumni community offers a host of benefits—job and business opportunities, qualified candidates, interesting connections and friends, and the fulfilling feeling of giving back.” 

Recent alumnus Brandon Clark says he looks to hire Katz students because, “I was in their shoes once, and it’s vital to maintaining and more importantly, increasing the value of the Katz MBA.”    

Interacting with alumni is highly valuable for the students as well.  Kumar Simhadri, a second-year MBA student and full-time job seeker, recently met with several alumni during a networking breakfast as part of the Career Management Center's Professional Development Days programming. “Meeting with alumni in similar functions across diverse industries provided me with clarity on career paths within industries I hadn’t considered.  It also allowed me to learn about those organizations’ cultures firsthand.”

Alumni have the opportunity to be involved in recruiting Katz students, participating in professional development programming, and partaking in admissions activities.  Alumni interested in becoming involved should contact Shaina Tsupros ( or complete an alumni engagement survey: