University of Pittsburgh

Robert F. Schnoes , 2010 Distinguished Service Award Winner

Robert F. Schnoes

Vice Chairman and Owner, Ultrasonic Power Corporation, and President and Owner, Freeport Depot, Inc.
Freeport, Ill.

The career of Robert F. Schnoes (BSIM '49)-vice chairman and owner, Ultrasonic Power Corporation, and president and owner, Freeport Depot, Inc.- spans more than six decades. In that time, he has served as an executive officer and director for some of the nation's leading corporations, including Westinghouse Atomic Power Division; American Standard, Inc.; Dresser Industries, Inc.; and IC Industries, Inc. His academic training in industrial management and industrial engineering laid a solid foundation for Schnoes, who accumulated a great deal of his professional experience with international manufacturers and industrial firms. In 1993, Schnoes received the University of Pittsburgh's Bicentennial Medallion of Distinction. The Business Alumni Association's Distinguished Service Award recognizes his more than 20 years of continuous service to the school's Board of Visitors. Schnoes is also a member of the Board of Advisors of the University of Wisconsin Department of Urology, where he and his wife, Dolores, have endowed a lecture series and a chair for cancer research.