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Our CPLE initiative is the only program across the country that offers undergraduate business students an integrated and sustained program of study into the relationship between leadership and ethics. It contributes to a student's preparation for a career in business by providing hands-on experience into the complex nature of ethical leadership in today's business environment. The CPLE is designed to strengthen the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program. Thus, students pursuing the CPLE must also be enrolled within the College of Business Administration.

The CPLE curriculum is based on the belief that students ought to experience meaningful and experience-based exposure to ethics and leadership in different organizational settings. It is also based on the assumption that an emphasis on leadership, without proper consideration of ethics, will not generate leaders who approach their roles with a sense of responsibility and accountability. By the same token, an emphasis on ethics, without proper consideration of leadership, will not produce leaders with the necessary tools to develop and implement their vision and understanding of ethics. Thus, leadership and ethics must be considered together.

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