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Develop and broaden your business skills through Management Essentials Online, offered by the Katz Center for Executive Education. Courses were created by University of Pittsburgh faculty and can be completed entirely on your own schedule. The program is designed to provide critical skills in marketing, finance, human resources, and more to a broad spectrum of people, including those wanting a refresher in business, those considering an MBA degree, those seeking professional education credits, and those involved in non-business roles who want to learn more.


Program Benefits

Renowned Faculty

Each course was developed by  faculty members from the University of Pittsburgh's Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. These same experts also teach in Katz's MBA and Executive MBA programs, which have been ranked among the top programs in the world by U.S. News & World ReportBloomberg BusinessweekThe Economist, and more.

Professional Education Credits

All Management Essentials Online courses qualify for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. The Katz Center for Executive Education is an approved provider of CPE credits. Visit the course descriptions for information on the number of CPE credits for each course.

Experience-Based Learning

Management Essentials Online uses the unique Experience-Based Learning approach of the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business.  Classes include real-life examples that will challenge you to apply the theories and management concepts to actual problems faced by businesses.

Open Enrollment

You can start and complete Management Essentials Online courses at any time. Each course costs $229 and can be completed entirely at your own pace, on your schedule. The program's asynchronous format allows you to log on anytime, day or night. Register here.

Available Courses

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

This course will provide a broad overview of the essentials of corporate finance. You will learn the basics of understanding a balance sheet and income statement, learn the meaning of and the discounting of net present value, and will become capable in assessing whether capital spending and acquisitions are worthwhile. In addition, you will explore how companies can raise capital from and return capital to investors.

Equals 4.5 CPE credits 
Taught by Professor Andrew Washburn

Introduction to Investments

The objectives of this course are to provide an introduction to the “language of investments”. Specifically, the course describes the instruments that most commonly are used by investors, such as money market securities, stocks, bonds, and derivatives, as well as the vehicles that exist to make investments in these securities. After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the legal claims underlying these securities
  • Describe the markets in which they trade
  • Explain how risk and return are related

Equals 2.4 CPE credits 

Taught by Professor Kimberly Gleason


Organizational Behavior

This course is designed to examine the key elements of teamwork and leadership that are critical for sustained organizational success. Through studying issues in management, leadership, and team effectiveness, both through a current and historical lens, students will be able to recognize the vital roles that teamwork and leadership play in organizational success, to diagnose situations and problems that arise from conflict in the workplace, and to evaluate the systems that are required to achieve the best results from teams.

Equals 1.0 CPE credits 

Taught by Professor Debbie Good

Marketing Essentials

This course is designed to prepare you to understand and act upon the vital elements of marketing, including pricing, planning, promotion, and the distribution of products and services to current and potential customers. The course will incorporate current developments in marketing to acquaint students with the challenges faced by practitioners. By the end of the course, students will be able to conduct a situational analysis, identify target market segments, formulate a marketing strategy, and evaluate the value of market research tools.

Equals 2.0 CPE credits 

Taught by Professor Yun-Oh Whang

Professional Ethics

This course is designed to prepare you to identify, understand, and react to the myriad of ethical challenges and conflicts that are inherent in the workplace. You will learn how to develop an ethical approach to decision making and problem solving that is rooted in accountability and transparency. In addition, you will gain experience in practicing ethical decision during periods of crisis and uncertainty.

Equals 1.0 CPE credits 

Taught by Professor Ray Jones

Using Information Technology to Transform Business

This course is designed to teach you the principles of using information technology (IT) as a transformative tool to drive success at the organizational level. Featuring both examples of best practices and cautionary tales, the course will explain a range of IT topics including how organizations can create value with information even when their primary product or service is not an information good, how to determine when it is appropriate to bundle goods and services, and why the pricing of information goods is different from the pricing of normal goods.

Equals 3.0 CPE credits 

Taught by Professor Chris F. Kemerer


What is the Structure of Management Essentials Online?

Management Essentials Online is separated into individually-organized courses. Learners have the option of choosing from a variety of business topics, and can enroll in as many courses as desired. Courses vary in size and length, and you can begin working in a module immediately upon registration. Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Katz Graduate School of Business Center for Executive Education which also lists the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits earned for the course.

Who are the Courses Designed For?

Management Essentials Online is designed for professionals seeking to improve their business and managerial acumen. If you would like to learn basic business concepts, skills, and vocabulary, or are looking to “brush up” on your workplace competencies, then this program is for you. Additionally, those who are facing greater managerial duties but lack a formal business background will learn the key concepts that will improve their workplace performance and leadership ability.

Who Teaches the Courses?

Each course module is designed and conducted by a faculty member at the Katz Graduate School of Business. 

How Much Does it Cost to Enroll?

Each course costs $229 to enroll.

When Is Payment Due?

Payment is due at the time of registration via credit card (MasterCard or VISA).

What is the Time Limit to Complete the Course?

Upon enrollment, you will have 180 days to complete the course. 

Are Scholarships or Financial Aid Available?

Scholarships and financial aid are not available for Management Essentials Online.

Do I Need to Purchase Any Materials?

No, you are not required to purchase anything after the cost of enrollment in order to complete a course.

Are There Any Prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for Management Essentials Online.

How Do I Register for Management Essentials Online?

You can register for courses by visiting the Management Essentials registration portal.

How Do I Access the Courses?

Upon successful registration and payment, you will receive an email with your login and password, and you can begin working with content immediately.

Do I Have to Be Online at Specific Times?

Management Essentials Online is designed to be completely asynchronous. There are no specific times that you are required to be online. Course materials can be viewed anytime, anywhere. The intent is to create a flexible and accessible learning environment for you.

Am I Required to Come to the University of Pittsburgh Campus At Any Point?

No, you are not required to visit the University of Pittsburgh campus at any point.

Do I Need To Be an Expert with Technology? What Kind of Computer Equipment Do I Need?

You do not need to be a technology expert to enroll in Management Essentials Online, but you should have some proficiency with a computer, e-mail, and navigating the Internet.