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Susan K. Cohen

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Organizations and Entrepreneurship

Office: 252 Mervis Hall
Phone: 412-648-1707
Curriculum Vitae: 

  • PhD in Strategic Management, University of Minnesota, 1998
  • BS in Management Information Systems, Clarkson University, 1986

I worked in the software industry, for Accenture and Intersolv as a consultant and product development manager, before returning to graduate school at U of MN.   

The research I undertake reflects my deep curiosity about whether, when, and how we might design infinitely innovative organizations.  Predominant theoretical paradigms suggest that this ideal is unattainable.  I seek to advance understanding of when and how firms circumvent barriers to innovation.  To date, I have examined how a firm’s innovation strategy, characteristics of its knowledge and alliance networks, organizational problem solving architectures, and technological standards strategy, as well as a firm’s executive leadership, start-up founder orientation, and competitive pressures such as imitation and substitution, affect firm performance outcomes, including patenting, new product introduction, profitability, adaptation and survival.