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Tansev Geylani

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Marketing and Business Economics

Office: 320 Mervis Hall


  • PhD in Industrial Administration (Marketing), Carnegie Mellon University, 2004
  • MS in Industrial Administration (Marketing), Carnegie Mellon University, 2002
  • MBA, Koç University, 1999
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, M.E.T.U., 1997

Tansev Geylani joined the Katz faculty in 2004. His research interests include pricing, distribution channels, retailing, product line strategies, information sharing, marketing & antitrust, media competition, and user-generated content. He was named Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar in 2009. Other awards he received include Management Science'sDistinguished Service (2009, 2011, & 2013) and Meritorious Service awards (2012), the Katz Excellence in Research Award (2009), and the Katz Excellence in Teaching Award (2008). He currently serves on the Editorial Board of Marketing Science

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  • Luchs, R., Geylani, T., Dukes, A., Srinivasan, K. (2010) "The End of the Robinson-Patman Act? Evidence from Legal Case Data," Management Science, 56(12), 2123-2133.
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  • Geylani, T., Inman, J. J., Ter Hofstede, F. (2008) "Image Reinforcement or Impairment: The Effects of Co-branding on Attribute Uncertainty," Marketing Science, 27(4), 730-744.
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  • “Should Retailers Keep Their Stores Well-Organized? Strategic Store Design in a Vertical Channel” with  J. Gu 
  • “Crowdfunding as a Vehicle for Raising Capital and for Price Discrimination” with M. Bender and E. Gal-Or 
  • "Daily Deal Websites in Markets with Asymmetric Information" with M. Bender and E. Gal-Or.
  • "The Impact of One -Stop Shopping on Competitive Store Brand Strategy" with K. Jerath and J. Zhang