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Jerrold H. May

Professor of Business Administration

Business Analytics and Operations

Office: 278A Mervis Hall


  • PhD, Yale University
  • MPhil, Yale University
  • BA, Roosevelt University

Jerrold H. May has been a faculty member of KGSB since 1974. He is currently interested in data mining, and is a member of INFORMS and AAAI.

  • Optimization (PhD)
  • Data Mining (PhD)
  • Nonlinear Programming (PhD)
  • Research Methodology for Empirical Decision Science (PhD)
  • Data Mining (MBA)
  • Decision Technology (MBA)
  • Statistical Analysis (MBA)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Management Science
  • "An Exact Test of the Accuracy of Binary Classification Models Based on the Probability Distribution of the Average Rank," Mathematical and Computer Modelling (to appear).
  • "When to Choose an Ensemble Model for Binary Classification," International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining (to appear).
  • "Modeling Complexity in Physically-Distributed Object-Oriented Systems," Journal of Computer Information Systems (to appear).
  • "A Hybrid Data Mining/Optimization Technique for Modeling Outpatient No-Shows in Clinic Scheduling," Journal of the Operational Research Society 60 (2009) 1056-1068.
  • "Decision Making In Distributed Objects Using Radio Frequency Identification." Journal of International Management Studies 4 (2009) 11-19.
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  • "Conflict Identification and Reconciliation in a Collaborative Manufacturing Scheduling Task," International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making 7 (2008) 147-174.
  • "Targeted Advertising Strategies on Television," Management Science 52: (2006) 713-725.
  • "Evaluating and Tuning Predictive Data Mining Methods Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves," Journal of MIS, 21:3 (Winter 2004-5) 249-280.
  • "Assessing the predictive accuracy of diversity measures with domain-dependent, asymmetric misclassification costs," Information Fusion 6:1 (2005) 37-48.
  • "Estimating Procedure Times for Surgical Scheduling by Determining Location Parameters for the Logonormal Model," Health Care Management Science, 7:2 (2004), 97-104.
  • "Using Data Mining to Profile Television Viewers," Communications of the ACM, 46:12 (2003), 66-72.
  • "Estimating Times of Surgeries with Two Component Procedures: Comparison of the Lognormal and Normal Models," Anesthesiology, 98:1 (2003), 232-240.
  • "A Data Mining Approach to Characterizing Medical Code Usage Patterns," Journal of Medical Systems, 26:3 (2002), 255-275.