Andrew Wells

Andrew Wells is breaking the stigma of college athletes not being strong students.  As a member of the University of Pittsburgh’s renowned Track and Field team, Wells balances 40 hours of practice per week with his MBA classes in the Katz Professional MBA program.  Andrew Wells

Wells is the ideal candidate for the Katz Professional MBA program.  His love of work and passion for business place him alongside others who react well to the program’s rigorous demands.  “It’s nothing more than a stress test,” Wells says.    

Wells started the program almost immediately after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration in 2015.  After positive experiences with his professors during his undergraduate years and his consistent love for track and field, Wells decided it was a no-brainer to earn his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  “The whole program has changed my outlook on life,” he says.

As someone who switched from the full-time to the Professional MBA  program, Wells prefers the schedule because it provides him the opportunity to work outside the classroom.  The experience lets him dig deeper into the information and material he learns during his courses.  Specifically, Wells commended the Career Leader Program for helping students align their classes with the jobs they aspire to land.  

One of his favorite parts of the Professional MBA program is networking at various events. Wells enjoys meeting new people and forming connections with all MBA students. 

Wells has high hopes for his dream job.  He dreams of owning and creating a Fortune 500 company in Technology Operations.  “This program is for people who have a vision for the future,” he says.  

To prospective students interested in the Katz Graduate School of Business’ MBA programs, Wells recommends finding a second-year mentor who can help the student delve further into the program to reach his or her aspirations.

In his eyes, the Katz program is adaptable to meet the demands of students who are balancing work and school. Wells says, “There isn't a day that I don't walk into this building and think about how much I love it here.”