Berg Cup Case Study Competition

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The Berg Cup is a nationally known ethics case study competition held each spring term at the University of Pittsburgh. Undergraduate business students from across the country compete for a cash prize and the recognition of having their school's name engraved upon the prestigious Berg Cup trophy. The competition is hosted and administered by the University Of Pittsburgh Chapter Of Phi Beta Lambda, the College of Business Administration, and the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership.

With the success of last year's case study competition, we are ready and eager to make this year's event even better. The Eighth Annual Berg Cup Case Study Competition will be held March 18-19, 2016. The Berg Center will design the case document. The teams that best analyze and provide solutions for the study will receive either a first place prize of $4,000 or a second place prize of $2,000.  The team which best analyzes and provides solutions of the Business Simulation will receive a $500 prize.

Each team will consist of four undergraduate student members. There will be a variety of judges from different facets of the University and the community.

Hotel accommodations are provided for participating teams on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Meals are complimentary throughout the two-day event, along with entertainment and social activities for teams to network and build relationships.


Registration: Email the Berg Cup team at or simply respond to the initial email you received from an assigned planning team member, stating you would like to participate. Once you have expressed interest, keep an eye out for the preliminary case in the first week of January 2016.

Preliminary Round: By January 22nd, all teams participating in the preliminary round must submit a copy of each team member’s résumé, a cover letter (one per team) explaining the reason for your participation in the competition, and their solutions to the preliminary case to Please express interest by December 15, 2015.

Team Qualifications: Each team must meet the following requirements:

  • Team members must all be members of one business organization from their respective university.
  •  Only on submission per organization may be submitted
  •  Each team must consist of 4 members who meet the following requirements individually:
  1. Either a major or cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
  2. Enrolled in an undergraduate business program
  3. Be a member of your participating organization

Semi-Final Round: Preliminary round cases submitted will be evaluated by a team of judges under the directions of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership. The top eight submissions will be chosen based on a set of predetermined criteria. Judges will be impartial and will not know which university or organization submitted each case. The ninth and tenth ranked submissions will receive an honorable mention notification and may compete in the semi-finals in the event of a dropout or disqualification of a team within the top eight. The top eight teams as well as the two honorable mentions will be notified by February 5th of the results of the preliminary round. The top eight teams will be competing in the semi-final round taking place at the University of Pittsburgh March 18th, 2016. Information regarding the semi-final round will be communicated through email to competing teams.

Final Round: The top four teams will advance to the final round. These four teams will be announced at a breakfast on the morning of Saturday, March 19th, 2016. Teams will be able to modify their presentations following the semi-final round based on judges’ feedback. Teams are also encouraged to invite friends and faculty advisors, however only the four participating team members will be provided with hotel accommodations. An awards ceremony will follow the final round presentations to announce the winner of the competition.


March 2016: Berg Cup Competition

Download the 2016 Berg Cup rules and regulations.

Congratulations to the winning teams of the 2015 Berg Cup Case Study Competition!

First Place: Calgary University

Second Place: University of Pittsburgh

Third Place: Concordia University

Crisis Management Simulation Winner:  Washington University in St. Louis


Teams to compete in the 2015 Berg Cup Competition:

Boston University




University of North Carolina

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh

Washington St. Louis


Phi Beta Lambda

For Information on the University of Pittsburgh's Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda visit


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