Students and Postdocs

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Iryna Shevchuk

Iryna Shevchuk received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management in August 2008. She also holds a M.A. in Economics (2003) from the National University "Kyiv Mohyla Academy", Ukraine. Her primary research interest is in understanding the organizational consequences of employee turnover. Specifically, she explores how turnover affects such valuable organizational intangible assets as human and social capital. Other areas of research include employee replacement and contextual effects surrounding attitude-turnover relationship.

Doctoral Students


Quita Keller

Quita Keller is a second-year doctoral student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. Her undergraduate studies in humanities and international affairs, and graduate training in public health have influenced her current research interests in organizational behavior: cultural competence and occupational identity in healthcare organizations. Quita's work experience in such settings as academic healthcare, an HMO, a county department of public health and a community based clinic have provided her with invaluable opportunities to both deepen her understanding of the U.S. healthcare system from diverse perspectives and affect change through efforts ranging from direct service provision to vulnerable client populations, to design and implementation of leadership development programs for senior-level administrators.


Kevin S. Cruz

Kevin S. Cruz is a Ph.D. student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management. He graduated in 2003 with an A.A. (concentration in Business) from St. Petersburg College (SPC). He graduated in 2007 with a B.S. in Management from University of South Florida, St. Petersburg (USFSP). His current research interests include employee and organizational deviance, and cognitive and affective processes in organizations.

Emily Stiehl

Emily Stiehl is a third year doctoral student in Organizational Behavior/Human Resources. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Organizational Administration from the University of Illinois in 2004. After that, she worked for two years as the facility coordinator of the Springer Cultural Center in Champaign, IL, where she supervised building operations. Currently, Emily is researching organizational behavior and the working poor.