EMBA Worldwide Testimonials

Hear directly from alumni and business leaders about what makes the Katz Executive MBA Worldwide program a uniquely global experience. The testimonials below include graduates of our Pittsburgh and São Paulo locations. 

Claeiber Abreu, Executive Director – Global Trade and Loan Products at JP Morgan Chase, Brazil

Claeiber Abreu, Execitive Director – Global Trade and Loan Products at JP Morgan Chase, Brazil

Class of 2015

In his role with J.P. Morgan, a global leader in financial services, Claeiber manages the firm’s global export trade business. His decision to enroll in the Katz Executive MBA program was highly influenced by the program’s truly global approach to experience-based learning.

“I enrolled in the Katz EMBA Worldwide program with the mindset that it would be a long-term investment, but I have immediately realized the return on my investment in many ways. Because of my decision to pursue my MBA, I was promoted within my company. Also, what we are learning in the program directly relates to challenges I encounter in my career.”

Patrick Aedo, Director Eastern Europe And Central Asian Republics at Procter & Gamble

Class of 2014

"I believe the Katz EMBA program contributes to faster decision making, as it enhances your knowledge of the business elements which are the most important to every executive."

Jefferson Anselmo, Operations and Services Director for Dimension Data

Jefferson Anselmo, Services Director for Dimension Data

Class of 2015

As the services director for a global information technology services company, Jefferson’s responsibilities include all aspects of the company’s project management, engineering, support and maintenance, and strategic planning areas.

“The Katz EMBA Worldwide program provides the convenience of local education, while giving me exposure to the world. My goal is to reposition my career with more international exposure, and through the program I have had the opportunity to travel to new locations and build on my soft skills, which has further developed my confidence and expertise.”

Terri Bone, Vice President and Corporate Controller, EQT Corporation

Terri Bone

Class of 2011

"The Katz EMBA degree gives me a broader perspective on problem solving and strategic planning. I'm asking myself 'How does this affect the company as a whole?'"

Leonardo Cunha, Vice President & General Manager Latin America at STERIS

Class of 2013

"The Katz EMBA program helped me to become a more effective and prepared professional. As a result, I have exceeded performance in the areas for which I already was familiar, and I am more capable in several other areas (finance, decision analysis, product development, etc.) because of my new confidence and expertise."

Nada Borková Gallová, Director of Service Quality Department & Ombudsman of Financial Group, Ceska Sporitelna, a.s.

Class of 2010

"Thanks to the wide context of the Katz EMBA program I was able to successfully change my career. After 10 years of working in the domain of human resources, I was able to shift to the service quality and strategic management area. This was mainly thanks to the fact that I was newly equipped with overall up-to-date business knowledge. What really made this career shift possible was my much-improved strategic management skills, and my more-developed marketing and financial perspectives. 

Leandro Gaunszer, Strategic and Marketing Manager of Media Networks Latin America at Telefonica Digital

Class of 2011

"When I started the EMBA program, I had recently assumed a new position with greater responsibilities. My education gave me a new approach that enriched my strategic plan for this year. Furthermore, the emphasis on international experiences helped me take advantage of the cultural diversity within my company."

Marcio Gerbovic, Head of Customer Team (Sales and Operations) - Latin America at Nokia Networks

Class of 2011

"The education I gained through the EMBA Worldwide program struck the right balance between knowledge and confidence so that now I'm prepared to take on more risk, which is important in a cutting-edge market such as technology."

Aleš Holan, Commercial Sales Manager and Vice Chairman, Shell Czech Republic

Class of 2011

"Thanks to the Katz EMBA program, I had the opportunity to meet new, interesting people and to enlarge my networking not only in Europe but also in North and South America. As someone with a university degree in mechanical engineering, earning the Katz EMBA allowed me to gain deeper knowledge especially in economical subjects. 

"I still consider myself a fresh graduate. Besides the newly gained knowledge, I believe that thanks to the Katz EMBA, I am now able to work more efficiently. That is because during the study times I had to manage my regular job and my private life on top of demanding study duties. Also, thanks to a wider network, I am now able to solve some business issues more quickly."

Hannu Kasi, Leader of ABB Czech Cluster

Chairman of Katz Board of Advisors, Prague/Europe

"Most of us managers have studied years ago, and without constantly upgrading our knowledge in management and leadership, we will fall behind the global competition. The EMBA education of the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School of Business is an excellent platform to bring in the latest business trends from one of the leading educational institutes. After the very intensive EMBA study, the fresh MBAs usually energize the whole organization with their new ideas.

"As a global ABB organization we have quite a few managers who have completed the fast track Executive MBA studies. Here in the Czech Republic, our Robotics business is led by a Katz EMBA alumnus. After finishing the EMBA program, the managers have learned to think about the business challenges in multiple dimensions. Instead of applying the standard solutions they have utilized for years in their earlier career, after the EMBA program they are confident to try new approaches that they became familiar with in the case studies. Katz EMBAs are also well connected to different cultures, and this of course helps us ultimately to grow our business in the global environment." 

Angelika Kabaivanova, Marketing Manager, Fadata AD

Angelika Kabaivanova, Marketing Manager, Fadata AD

As the marketing manager for a leading European provider of software solutions, Angelika is responsible for monitoring and evaluating market trends, analyzing competitors’ products, services, and marketing activities, and identifying and developing target markets.

“The Katz EMBA Worldwide program has broadened my horizons by providing a network of peers from around the world with different roles across a variety of organizations. This has given me a strong foundation for understanding all aspects of operating a business and for doing business effectively across the global realm.”

Gorjan Lazarov, General Manager, Boscolo Hotel in Prague

EMBA Class of 2006 

"The Katz EMBA program offers a great combination of academic lectures and discussions and contributions from class members with experience from various industries. The program exposed me to business problems within different industries and made my personal transition within industries (from telcommunications to hospitality) smoother."

"The program format is ideal for working managers who would like to get exposed to different business problems and learn from the mistakes or success of other colleagues. It provides a great networking opportunity within the region, as well as worldwide. These factors, in combination with the world-class academic staff and reputation of the University of Pittsburgh, are a virtual guarantee for success."

Eric Olson, Southeast Region Manager (Sales and Operations), System One Holdings, LLC

Class of 2012

"The global awareness I'm gaining from EMBA helps with the cultural challenges I encounter in my job. In fact, some of the classes cover exactly what I'm doing right now."

Leo Oporto, Information Management Officer, U.S. Department of State

EMBA class of 2012

"With a full-time job and a family, it seemed like it was never a good time to pursue my EMBA so I just convinced myself to go for it and looking back it was one of the best decision’s that I have ever made at a professional level."

"Thanks to the Katz EMBA program, my focus has now shifted beyond implementing improvements in services and harnessing new technologies - to performance and cross-cultural management. This way, I can prepare my team to become the future leaders of this organization, in a world where technological change is speeding up and where the possibilities for serving our customers more efficiently are endless. This will also allow me to continue to develop in my role as one that helps guide, mentor, and facilitate progress."

"I absorbed information from a different perspective, from a different culture, from a different economy, from different company representatives. The knowledge that we got from the rest of our classmates is quite remarkable and you can’t pay enough for that kind of experience."

Petr Palan, Director of Strategy and Planning, MSD Global IT Innovation Center

Class of 2009

"I am probably the one who used almost every networking relationship possible — from professors in Pittsburgh from when I considered relocating there and starting new company, to classmates with whom I'm meeting regularly around certain business topics and at casual social events."

"My biggest return on investment was certainly the network of great people whom I am meeting all around the world — Pittsburgh, NYC, San Francisco, and of course in Prague. It helped me numerous times during my entrepreneur days and it was also these connections which got me into touch with Merck/MSD."

Jamie Salvucci, Field Support Liaison, PEAK Technical Staffing USA

Jamie Salvucci, Field Support Liaison, PEAK Technical Staffing USA


As the field support liaison for Peak Technical Staffing, Jamie is responsible for leading the creation and marketing of nationwide marketing campaigns, while staying heavily involved in organizational change management initiatives. These initiatives include culture initiatives, employee impact, impact analysis, and leadership alignment and change readiness.

“When my brother graduated the Katz EMBA Worldwide program, he had gained a professional and personal transformation in his career. I was inspired by him to enroll, and I realized my own return on investment immediately. The program has helped me to understand the full gamut of business. The Global Executive Forum is a crucial part of the Katz EMBA program. The experiences gained by bringing all three cohorts together have been invaluable on both an educational and personal level.”

Rocco Semeraro, Finance Director Aerospace EMEA at PPG Industries

Rocco Semeraro, Finance Director Aerospace EMEA at PPG Industries

As a finance director for the global organization PPG Industries, Rocco manages financial accounts, budgets and control activities of the Aerospace business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, among many other responsibilities. Living and working in Pittsburgh provided a convenient stepping stone to pursue an MBA at Katz, but connecting with peers from around the globe during the program was an added value for Rocco.

“The Management Simulation during the Global Executive Forum is a great way to apply the concepts learned throughout the Katz EMBA Worldwide program. It inspires healthy competition between my peers and at the same time, I have the benefit of developing my leadership skills and having the opportunity to work on a team of foreign cohorts.”

Sebastian Siseles, International Director at Freelancer.com

Class of 2014

"By understanding financial concepts I was never exposed to before and by using the tools the Katz EMBA program provided in courses such as Organizational Behavior, I have drastically increased my understanding of strategy and how to optimize business on so many levels."

James Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Global Carbon Materials and Chemicals, Koppers

Class of 2008

"When I joined the Katz EMBA program in 2007, I was a chemical engineer in a general manager role. To advance my career, I needed a master's degree in business from a top institution. Within a year, I was promoted to VP for the Americas at my former company. I can think of no better way than EMBA to prepare future leaders for expanding their management responsibililities within a global economy."

Martin Tesař, Partner in charge of Audit Practice, Deloitte Czech Republic

Class of 2011

"I believe that the main positive of the Katz EMBA program is that you prove to yourself that your brain is still capable of absorbing new information. You also meet other people who have multiple years of experience in various fields and you can benchmark your views with them. Discussions with my fellow classmates were always interesting. "

"The Katz EMBA allowed me to link my practical experience with the most up-to-date theoretical framework and also forced me to think about problem solving from different perspectives. Contact with my fellow classmates after graduation is and will continue to be one of the most useful aspects of the EMBA program."

"Here are a couple examples of how I applied what I learned in my job. During the marketing class, as a team we adjusted a so-called conjoint analysis, normally used for product surveys, into the HR project, looking at key satisfaction drivers of people (which is always important to know in people intensive business). Another example is a valuable discussion I had with the professor of a strategy course on the current challenges of professional services firms."

John Thompson Assistant Professor of Military Science, U.S. Army

John Thompson, Assistant Professor of Military Science, U.S. Army

John Thompson has more than 20 years of military experience, currently serving as an assistant professor of military science and an active duty Army officer with the rank of major. When EMBA graduate Mike Gorham recommended the program to John, he recognized the opportunity to gain global experience in a business environment.

“For me, the Global Executive Forums have been a highlight and discriminator of the Katz EMBA Worldwide program. During the GEFs, I have enjoyed the benefit of international travel and of learning from my foreign cohorts.”

Ricardo Vellutini, President of DuPoint Brazil

Board of Advisors Member, EMBA São Paulo/South America

"EMBA increases your global knowledge and holistic understanding of the current business environment. It improves your understanding of financial costs, analytical capability, international networking opportunities, organizational behavior, and decision making."