Brazil Alumni Group Holds Career Development Event

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In the second meeting organized by the Pitt Executive MBA (EMBA) Alumni Association in Brazil, 40 business executives gathered for a presentation by career development expert Sofia Esteves, founder of DMRH Group and Cia de Talentos.

The event took place on September 19 in the auditorium of Johnson & Johnson, which was generously arranged by Danielle Arraes, a 2011 alumna and head of human resources at Johnson & Johnson in São Paulo.

In her presentation, Esteves detailed the results of a research study that interviewed 72,000 employees regarding what characteristics and attributes they associated with their dream careers.

The research, which took place between February and March of 2016, investigated the career aspirations of and preferred companies for young employees and those in middle-management, and senior-leadership roles. Esteves found professionals from different generations had very similar goals.

"We realized there were more similarities than differences," Esteves told the audience. "So we decided to investigate the professional journey as a whole, expanding the scope of the search. We believe that the best way to contribute to the development of people and organizations is to know their needs and wants, throwing light on relevant issues when it comes to careers."

Fabio Boucinhas, leader of the Pitt EMBA Alumni Association in Brazil and president of Home Agent, says initiatives like this event increase the connection between the participants and reinforces EMBA's relevance to career development of alumni.

"We believe that by building a strong network of relationships we can reflect together regarding important themes such as the role of career," Boucinhas says.

The next alumni event is currently being planned and will likely be held before the end of the year.

If you would like to learn more about the Pitt EMBA Alumni Association in Brazil or would like to join, please contact and join the LinkedIn group.