R. Venkatesh

Professor of Business Administration and Area Director, Marketing & Business Economics


Marketing and Business Economics
332 Mervis Hall
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/VenWise


PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
BEngg (Honors), University of Madras, India

Courses Recently Taught

PhD: Marketing Models Seminar
MBA: Marketing Management; Pricing Strategies and Tactics; Product Development and Management


R. Venkatesh joined the Katz School in 1996. His research is in the areas of pricing, product bundling, co-branding, e-commerce, and sales force management. His articles on these topics have appeared in leading journals such as the Journal of Business, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science and Marketing Science. Venkatesh has applied his frameworks and methodologies to address real-world problems in high technology, digital goods, and entertainment. He has presented his work to academics and practitioners in diverse forums. Venkatesh serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Marketing. He is a member of the American Marketing Association and INFORMS. Prior to earning his PhD, Venkatesh worked as a marketing and sales executive with the Indian subsidiary of German multinational Robert Bosch GmbH.

Select Publications

Newmeyer, Casey E., R. Venkatesh, and Rabikar Chatterjee (2014), "Cobranding Arrangements and Partner Selection: A Conceptual Framework and Managerial Guidelines,Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 42 (2), 103-118. Lead Article.

Mahajan, Vijay and R. Venkatesh (2014), "Tasting the Tea after a 15-year Brew: Editorial Reflections on the 1995-1997 Years," Journal of Marketing Research, 51 (February), 120-126.

Prasad, Ashutosh, R. Venkatesh, and Vijay Mahajan (2010), "Optimal Bundling of Technological Products with Network Externality," Management Science, 56 (12), 2224-2236.

Subramaniam, Ramanathan and R. Venkatesh (2009), "Optimal Bundling Strategies in Multi-Object Auctions of Complements or Substitutes," Marketing Science, 28 (2), 264-273.

Challagalla, Goutam, R. Venkatesh, and Ajay K. Kohli (2009), "Proactive Post-Sales Service: When and Why Does It Pay Off?" Journal of Marketing, 73 (2), 70-87. Recipient of the 2010 AMA Service SIG Best Services Paper Award.

Venkatesh, R. and Vijay Mahajan (2009), "The Design and Pricing of Bundles: A Review of Normative Guidelines and Practical Approaches," pp. 232-257, Handbook of Pricing Research in Marketing, Vithala R. Rao (editor). Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing Company.

Wang, Tuo, R. Venkatesh, and Rabikar Chatterjee (2007), "Reservation Price as a Range: An Incentive Compatible Measurement Approach," Journal of Marketing Research, 44 (May), 200-213.

Venkatesh, R., Pradeep Chintagunta, and Vijay Mahajan (2006), "Research Note: Sole Entrant, Co-opter or Supplier: Optimal End Product Strategies for Manufacturers of Proprietary Component Brands," Management Science, 52 (4), 613-622.

Venkatesh, R. and Rabikar Chatterjee (2006), "Bundling, Unbundling and Pricing of Multiform Products: The Case of Magazine Content," Journal of Interactive Marketing, 20 (2), 21-40. Recipient of the 2006 Best Paper Award.

Venkatesh, R. and Wagner Kamakura (2003), "Optimal Bundling and Pricing Under a Monopoly: Contrasting Complements and Substitutes from Independently Valued Products," Journal of Business, 76 (April), 211-231. Lead article.

Venkatesh, R., Goutam Challagalla, and Ajay K. Kohli (2001), "Heterogeneity in Sales Districts: Beyond Individual-Level Predictors of Satisfaction and Performance," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 29 (3), 238-254.

Venkatesh, R., Vijay Mahajan, and Eitan Muller (2000), "Dynamic Co-Marketing Alliances: When and Why Do They Succeed or Fail?" International Journal of Research in Marketing, 17 (1), 3-31. Lead article.

Venkatesh, R. and Vijay Mahajan (1997), "Products with Branded Components: An Approach for Premium Pricing and Partner Selection," Marketing Science, 16 (2), 146-165.

Venkatesh, R., Ajay K. Kohli, and Gerald Zaltman (1995), "Influence Strategies in Buying Centers," Journal of Marketing, 59 (October), 71-82.

Venkatesh, R. and Vijay Mahajan (1993), "A Probabilistic Approach to Pricing a Bundle of Products or Services," Journal of Marketing Research, 30 (November), 494-508.

Awards and Honors

AMA Service SIG Best Services Paper Award

Journal of Interactive Marketing Best Paper Award

University of Pittsburgh Katz School's Excellence in MBA Teaching Award

University of Pittsburgh Katz School Executive MBA Worldwide Sao Paulo Distinguished Professor of the Year Award

Katz Institute of Industrial Competitiveness Research Grant

University of Illinois AMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow

University of Texas Abell Hanger Endowed Presidential Scholarship Award

University of Texas University-wide Continuing Fellowship Award

Personal Interests

Venkatesh plays Indian classical music on the violin in his spare time. Thanks to his wife and kids, his TV viewing is mostly restricted to Pawn Stars, SpongeBob, and reruns of Seinfeld..