Course Development

The International Business Center provides resources to help Pitt Business professors add international components to their courses. The IBC believes that every subject area can be taught from an international perspective without altering the subject's fundamental objectives. To this end, the IBC offers support in the following ways:

  • Course Development Grants are available to support faculty at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Faculty are encouraged to add an international perspective to courses, collaborate across disciplines, utilize communications technology to host guest speakers via remote technology.
  • International Business Case Studies. The IBC is teaming up with several groups and centers at Pitt Business and the Swanson School of Engineering to develop innovative international business cases focusing on issues relating to emerging markets, engineering and technology, and corporate social responsibility, as well as cases on the internationalization of domestic firms. Students will prepare many of these cases under the supervision of a faculty member and the IBC will help publish the case studies. If you are working on or are interested to work on an international case, please contact the IBC.
  • Business Language Course Development Grants. Courses should feature an international approach to the language and cover business language and, where applicable, should cover a variety of countries in which the language is spoken. Maximum grant amount is $1,500.
      • Proposals should be accompanied by a detailed budget estimate and approved expenditures.
      • Proposals should be approved by the language coordinator or department chair to ensure that the undertaking of business language course development fits into the goals of the respective language department.
      • Notification of award will be made as soon as possible after submission deadline and review, and approved expenditures may be incurred immediately after approval.