Doctoral Support

The International Business Center offers support to PhD candidates whose dissertations have a global business focus. 

  • IBC dissertation research grants. The IBC supports doctoral student dissertation research in international business. The grants are available to Katz doctoral students as well as doctoral students from any other disciplines at the University of Pittsburgh. Some examples of expenses covered by the IBC include acquisition of special data and software, mailing survey costs, and travel necessitated by dissertation research. Doctoral students must submit a proposal application for funding by October 31. As part of the proposal application, doctoral students must complete the Doctoral Proposal Evaluation Form. Doctoral students are encouraged to submit proposals to apply for funding. For more information about the IBC dissertation research program, contact the IBC at 412-648-1778 or e-mail IBC Managing Director Jacqueline Saslawski.
  • CIBER conferences, such as the doctoral internationalization conference, are open to PhD students, sometimes even those not actively pursuing international research. 
  • Foreign Language Tutoring. To increase the foreign language expertise and facilitate dissertation research, the IBC offers small group instruction and individual tutoring. Please contact the IBC Managing Director Jacqueline Saslawski if you are interested in tutoring.