Master of Business Administration (MBA) Certificates

Depth Meets Breadth

University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School MBAs differentiate themselves by pursuing certificates and concentrations. The concentration reinforces a rock-solid foundation in a business discipline (finance, marketing, strategy, etc.). The certificate complements this concentration by providing a cross-disciplinary focus in a second critical area.

Katz MBA certificates require 10.5 credits to complete.  Featuring a mix of required and elective courses, each certificate contains a mandatory experience-based learning component.  Full-time MBA students must earn at least one certificate, although students can create a competitive edge by earning multiple certificates.  For Professional MBA and joint- and dual-degree students, certificates are optional, though strongly encouraged.

University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School MBA certificates are fluid by their very nature.  They help the MBA student adapt and stay agile, and they illustrate the importance of collaboration across business areas.  The Katz Graduate School recently expanded the number of MBA certificate offerings and retooled our existing certificates, ensuring they are closely aligned with market demands.

Certificates are designed for students who are ideally in the program for two years or longer. However, in most cases, we expect that students who have a typical course of study that covers three or more semesters (such as in the One-Year MBA program) will be able to accommodate the certificate requirements in their program of study.

Current MBA students should contact advisors for more information.  University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School MBA Certificates are only available for degree-seeking students who are enrolled at the Katz Graduate School of Business.  Non-degree participants interested in a business certificate should visit the Katz Center for Executive Education.