Nathan Peterman

When Nathan Peterman discovered he could combine his talents of playing football with his passion for business marketing, he knew he found the right MBA program.  As a player on the Pitt football team attending practices, film, and games, Peterman still manages to take full advantage of the Katz Professional MBA program. Nathan Peterman

Coming straight from undergrad in Tennessee, Peterman’s transition was smooth as he learned the ins and outs of the Katz Business School, as well as the city of Pittsburgh.  With practices in the morning and classes in the afternoon and evening, his two schedules mesh without conflict.  In addition, Peterman appreciates the weekend course offerings so he can earn a few more credits before graduation.    

The program’s reputation and positive buzz from alumni and other student athletes brought Peterman to the University of Pittsburgh for his MBA.  “I wanted to get the best degree I could with my time, and the ranking that came out last year was a big attraction,” says Peterman.

In regards to career services, Peterman commended the program’s advisor and career placement system.  He appreciates having one-on-one time with his academic advisor as well as a career specialist who helps him network while expanding his unique personal brand.

Within his classes, Peterman can’t help but be impressed with the hand-on experience professors provide for all of the students.  “I’ve really enjoyed each class because my professors have brought in real companies to consult with us.  It’s a very rapid paced program and you learn a lot,” says Peterman.

Services and Marketing as well as Consumer Behavior have been two of Peterman’s favorite classes as they pertain to his concentration in Marketing and Strategy.  The experience-based learning each class provides has helped Peterman to pursue his dream job in Sports Marketing.  Between playing football for a D1 university while obtaining his MBA, Peterman is gaining an experience that not many others in his field are able to achieve.  

To incoming students, he says, “Have a drive.  It takes persistence and a lot of hard work outside the classroom, but enjoy the journey and network with as many people as you can.”  

For Peterman, a bright future in business is just past the goal line.