Marketing and Business Economics Research

Research in Collaboration with Doctoral Students

Many of the recent publications and projects in process include current or former doctoral students as co-authors and part of the research team. A partial list is shown below (doctoral student highlighted):

  • Swaminathan Vanitha, Karen Stilley and Rohini Ahluwalia (2009) "When Brand Personality Matters: The Moderating Role of Attachment Styles", Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (6), 985-1002.
  • Christopher Groening, Swaminathan, Vanitha and Vikas Mittal (2009), "CSR's Impact on Long-Term Financial Performance, working paper.
  • Swaminathan, Vanitha, Feisal Murshed, and John Hulland (2008), "Value Creation Following Merger and Acquisition Announcements: The Role of Strategic Emphasis Alignment," Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (1), 33-47.
  • Nitika Garg, Brian Wansink, and J. Jeffrey Inman (2007), “The Influence of Incidental Affect on Consumers’ Food Intake,” Journal of Marketing, 71 (January), 194-206.
  • "Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Corporate Social Responsibility to Enhance Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Corporate Governance" with Christopher Groening and Vikas Mittal, data analysis underway, Target: Journal of Marketing.
  • “Promotion Matching: The Role of Promotion Frame and Self-Construal on Purchase Intentions” with Karen Page and Vikas Mittal, working paper, Target: Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Adwait Khare and J. Jeffrey Inman (2006), "Habitual Behavior In American Eating Patterns: The Role of Meal Occasions," Journal of Consumer Research, 32 (March), 567-575.
  • Nitika Garg, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Vikas Mittal (2005), "Incidental and Task-Related Affect: A Re-Inquiry and Extension of the Influence of Affect on Choice," Journal of Consumer Research, 32 (June), 154-159.
  • Gergana Yordanova, J. Jeffrey Inman, John Hulland, Maureen Morrin, "Moderators of Descriptive Variance Effects in Investment Decisions," revision invited at Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Larry Shi, John Hulland, Rabikar Chatterjee and Dung Nguyen, "Firm Capabilities, Timing of Internet Adoption and Performance," working paper (report no. 05-000), Marketing Science Institute, Cambridge, Mass.
  • Larry Shi, John Hulland, Dung Nguyen, and Rabikar Chatterjee, "Firm Capabilities, Timing of Internet Adoption and Performance," under revision before resubmission to International Journal of Research in Marketing.
  • Anthony Dukes, Tansev Geylani, Ryan Luchs, and Kannan Srinivasan, "Robinson Patman Act and Its Implications: An Empirical Analysis," finalizing for submission to Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Matthew Sarkees, John Hulland, and John Prescott, "Ambidextrous Organizations and Performance: The Mediating Effect of Functional Implementation," under revision before submission to Strategic Management Journal.
  • Donald Barclay, Gergana Yordanova, and John Hulland, "Perceived Functional Justice: Antecedents and Impact on Cross-Functional Relationship Effectiveness," under revision before submission to Journal of Marketing.
  • Matthew Sarkees and John Hulland, "Innovation and Efficiency: It is Possible to Have it All," under revision before submission to California Management Review.
  • Swaminathan, Vanitha, Zeynep Gürhan-Canli, and Karen Page (2007), "My Brand or Our Brand: Individual- and Group-Based Brand Relationships and Self-Construal Effects on Brand Evaluations," Journal of Consumer Research, 34(2), 248-259.
  • Swaminathan, Vanitha, Christopher Groening, and Vikas Mittal (2007), "Dual Emphasis and Financial Performance: The Case of Horizontal Mergers," under review at Journal of Marketing Research .
  • Zhang, Yinlong and Vikas Mittal (2006), "The attractiveness of enriched and impoverished options," conditionally accepted, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
  • Mittal, V., Lawrence Feick, and Feisal Murshed (2007), "Publish and prosper: The financial impact of publications in marketing journals," conditionally accepted, Marketing Science.
  • Mittal, V., and Matthew Sarkees (2006), "Customer Divestment," Journal of Relationship Marketing, forthcoming.
  • Zhang, Yinlong, and Vikas Mittal (2005), "Effects of procedural and outcome accountability," Journal of Consumer Research, 32(2), December, 465-472.
  • Mittal, Vikas, Wagner Kamakura, and Rahul Govind (2004), "Geographic patterns in customer service and satisfaction: An empirical investigation," Journal of Marketing, 68(July), 48-62.
  • Govind, R., Chatterjee, and Mittal, V., "Incorporating spatial dependency in clusterwise regression analysis," under second review at Journal of American Statistical Association.
  • Mittal, V., Murshed, F., Sarkees, M., "Do you know how to fire a customer?" resubmitted to Harvard Business Review.
  • He, X. and Mittal, V., "Understanding escalation of commitment: The moderating role of decision risk," under second review at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
  • Mittal, V., Rosen, J., Degenholtz, H., Shingala, S., Hulland, S., Govind, R., Rhee, Y., Kastango, K., Mulsant, B., Castle, N., Rubin, F., and Nace, D., "Perception gap in quality of life perceptions: An empirical investigation of nursing home residents and caregivers," under third review at The Gerontologist.
  • Zhang, Yinlong, Lawrence E. Feick, and Vikas Mittal, "Tie Strength and Likelihood to Transmit Word-of-Mouth: The Moderating Effect of Self Construal," revising and resubmitting to Marketing Science.
  • Page, Karen L., Vikas Mittal, and William T. Ross, "Conflicting identities: The effect of gender and internal moral identity on charitable giving," revising and resubmitting to Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Mittal, Vikas, John W. Huppertz, and Adwait Khare, "Customer complaining: The role of tie strength and information control," under second review Journal of Retailing.
  • Groening, Christopher, Vikas Mittal, and Vishal Singh, "Customers or shareholders," under review at Marketing Science.
  • Groening, Christopher, Ryan Luchs, and Vikas Mittal, "User and critic reviews of movies," under review at Marketing Science.
  • Shevchuk, Iryna, Vikas Mittal, and Carrie R. Leana, "Job attitudes and employee turnover: Attitude thresholds and response bias," under review, at Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Groening, C. J., Evanschistzky, H., Wunderlich, M., and Mittal, V., "Managing customer satisfaction in franchise organizations: The role of employee satisfaction," finalizing for submission to Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Govind, Rahul, Rabikar Chatterjee and Vikas Mittal, "Allocating resources in a hospital network to improve patient access," finalizing for submission to Operations Management.
  • Wang, Tuo, R. Venkatesh, and Rabikar Chatterjee (2006), "Reservation Price as a Range: An Incentive Compatible Measurement Approach," forthcoming, Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Subramanian, Ramanathan and R. Venkatesh (2006), "Multi-Object Auctions of Complements or Substitutes: The Optimality and Implications of Bundling vs. Sequencing," under revision prior to resubmission to Marketing Science.
  • Tuo Wang, Esther Gal-Or, and Rabikar Chatterjee, "Understanding a Service Provider's Decision to Employ a 'Name Your Own Price' Channel: An Analytical Model," under first review at Management Science.

PhD Marketing Faculty Research

The marketing group is a very diverse group of researchers spanning quantitative/analytical, behavioral, and managerial/strategy research. A sampling of issues that we are currently researching includes:


  • Customer-focused brand management
  • Changing organizational structures, processes, and procedures to deal with rapidly evolving markets (e.g., shifts to virtual organizations, Web-based marketing)
  • Inter-organizational issues
  • Identifying core capabilities, and managing their acquisition and refinement
  • Understanding how to manage the shift from traditional company-centric manufacturing / product development to co-manufacturing and co-development
  • Satisfaction, loyalty, retention
  • Refining models of CRM


  • Asymmetric retailing or the issue of power retailers in the distribution channels
  • Integrated marketing communications in B2B markets
  • eCommerce: consumer behavior, auctions, and customized strategies (including bundling)
  • High technology: radical innovation, dynamic strategies, and standards
  • CRM, ROI, CLV; designing related programs
  • Alliances: M&A, brand equity and management, and component branding
  • Shopping baskets, product/finance portfolios, and systems
  • Globalization, international marketing


  • Behavioral loyalty vs. attitudinal commitment
  • Patterns in American eating behavior
  • Understanding customer satisfaction and consumer responses to marketing tactics
  • In-store shopping and decision making
  • The role of salient characteristics such as gender on consumer judgment and decision making, risk taking, and investment behavior
  • Decision making: channel blurring
  • Phased-decisions and the role of consequential thinking in decision making
  • Word-of-mouth and referral
  • Identity, self-construal, and cultural identification

In researching these areas, as a group, we have employed a diversity of methodologies including surveys, archival data, experimental economics, economic/game theoretic modeling, experiments, and simulations.

Journal Involvement

We are well recognized by our peers nationally. Indications of this include a strong presence in the editorial boards of top-tier journals, significant awards, conference and association chairing, and other activities of prominence. A partial listing is shown below:

One or more marketing faculty members are members of the editorial board of the journals listed below.

  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Marketing Science
  • International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Journal of Retailing
  • Journal of Service Research
  • JAMS
  • Journal of International Marketing
  • International Quarterly Journal in Marketing

Marketing faculty also serve as associate editor at the following journals:

  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Management Science
  • International Journal of Research in Marketing

Best Reviewer Awards

  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal of Marketing

Conference Leadership

Conference chairs/co-chairs

  • Rabi Chatterjee, Jeff Inman, and R. Venkatesh—INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Pittsburgh, June 2006
  • John Hulland—AMA Winter Educators' Conference, Tampa, February 2006

AMA/Sheth Consortium Faculty Involvement

  • Jeff Inman—2001, 2002, 2005, 2006
  • Vikas Mittal—2006

Other Leadership

  • Larry Feick—Jagdish N. Sheth Foundation President, 1991–93; 2002–05
  • Interim Dean 2005–06