Small Business Development Center

Are you an entrepreneur starting or trying to grow a small business?

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the University of Pittsburgh offers workshops and free consulting services to fuel the establishment and growth of small businesses in Western Pennsylvania. Whether you are considering starting a business for the first time or considering ways to grow your established business, we will connect you with the resources and tools to help your small business prosper and grow. How do I get started? It depends on where you are in your entrepreneurial career...

Starting a new business?

Our workshops, "The First Step: Mechanics of Starting a Small Business" and "The Second Step: Developing a Business Plan" are designed to help you get started the right way. Learn more about our workshops.

Growing an existing business?

Meet with one of our expert consultants for a personalized look at your business' challenges. Our experts can help you identify areas of growth, avoid pitfalls, and provide industry expertise. Learn more about our consulting services.

To receive more information or assistance, please contact us.