University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School MBA Program

Center for Supply Chain Management

The Pitt Business Center for Supply Chain Management promotes the pursuit of excellence in supply chain management by conducting research projects, educational programs, and outreach activities in close collaboration with corporate partners, professional organizations, and other schools within the University of Pittsburgh. 

At a broad level, the Center creates and disseminates its knowledge of best practices in supply chain management in many ways, such as:

  • Collaborating with industry professionals to identify and resolve critical supply chain management issues and promote cutting-edge faculty research
  • Educating undergraduate and graduate students to develop a talent pool of future supply chain management leaders
  • Developing outreach programs

The Center helps to develop the next generation of talent in supply chain management by offering students practical, hands-on experiences in issues such as logistics, sourcing and procurement, quality control, process improvement, project management, managing supplier relationships, information technology, sustainability, and risk management. Of particular interest to the Center are the dramatic changes in supply chain management that are creating new paradigms, new partnerships, and new structures.

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