Programs & Activities

The Center for Supply Chain Management connects three primary stakeholders through its programs and activites: Pitt Business students, faculty, and industry representatives with high expertise in supply chain management. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Center Director Prakash Mirchandani.


The Center enhances the supply chain management curriculum at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels through its oversight of degree and certificate programs, case competitions, and consulting-based courses with a supply chain management focus.

Doctoral Candidates

MBA Candidates

  • Class Consulting Projects
    • Consulting Field Projects – The three-credit course, which can have a supply chain management focus, lets students complete a strategic consulting project for a client organization.
    • Six Sigma Theory and Practice – The three-credit course lets students complete hands-on consulting projects with a focus on process improvement and quality control. Students work under the guidance of an industry mentor with Black Belt Six Sigma certification
  • Case Competitions
    • Crane Case CompetitionHeld in the fall term, the competition features a "live case" on a supply chain management issue that Crane Co. is experiencing at that moment in time. The judging panel is staffed by several managers from Crane Co who travel to Pitt for the competition. 
      The first-place prize of $2,000 went to the Katz MBA student team of Kyle Franklin, Payal Mathur, Bhanu Theja Narne, and Rohan Pande.

The fall 2015 Crane Case Competition was organized by Katz MBA students Sneha Kumari, Michelle Masters, Lucy Raymond, and David Uber under the direction of Katz Professor Prakash Mirchandani. Four executives from Crane — Tony DiFrusica, Cheryl Giardini, Leanna Praetzel, and Amir Shahravar — judged the student analysis and recommendations.  Several faculty and MBA Office Staff attended the student presentations. See photos of the competition here

The winning teams were:

1st Place: (Team 4) Kyle Franklin, Payal Mathur, Bhanu Theja Narne, and Rohan Pande
2nd Place: (Team 5) Zachary Ramsey, Anurag Khandelwal, Rojo John, and Meichen Luo
3rd Place: (Team 7) Manjunath Nellaiappan, Abagail Badger, Martin Badget, and Tamika Riley

Undergraduate Students


The Center helps to advance cutting-edge research with a supply chain management focus by providing financial funding and in-kind support to faculty members. In addition, the Center provides students in the doctoral, MBA, and undergraduate programs with research opportunities in the field. 

  • Facilitating faculty research related to supply chain management
  • Funding faculty development related to supply chain management
  • Providing supply chain management research opportunities to MBA, undergraduate, and doctoral students


The Center provides outreach services such as a breakfast lecture series and faculty lectures at regional Pittsburgh companies,. More activities are planned as the Center continues to grow. 

  • Breakfast Speaker Series - Open to all Pitt students, Pitt alumni, and industry professionals, the Breakfast Speaker Series lets participants learn about best practices in the field and grow their professional networks, while treating themselves to a complimentary light breakfast. 
  • Faculty lectures at local and regional companies
  • Consulting Field Projects - Companies are encouraged to reach out to the Center about ways students can complete a business project on their behalf with a supply chain management focus.