Student Entrepreneurship

Do you wonder how you will turn your academic interests into a sustainable, independent career? Do you have a great idea that could change people's lives? Are you creative, dynamic and passionate?

According to a 2010 Kauffman Foundation study, job growth in the driven by startups. It is no surprise that Pitt students are interested in using their specific skill sets to innovate, launch new companies and work in existing entrepreneurial firms.

The University of Pittsburgh, with more than 16,000 undergraduate and 8,000 graduate students, has a growing community of student entrepreneurs - innovative, creative, and motivated individuals seeking to create their own destiny and impact the world in which we live.

Through a vast array of hands-on, interactive programs Pitt Business supports these student entrepreneurs in growing their skills, building their networks and transforming them into the change-agents they strive to become.

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence supports undergraduate and graduate students in any major that lead, or plan to lead, their own venture, envision working for a start-up business, or have an interest in new product development in a new or existing company.

Experience-Based Entrepreneurial Opportunities

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