University of Pittsburgh

A Storied History and A Promising Future
Dean John T. Delaney
Dean John T. Delaney reflects on Pitt Business achievements past and present, with an eye to the future.
Taking CBA to the Next Level
Next Level
Led by new Associate Dean Audrey J. Murrell, CBA is taking students from the classroom, to the city, to the world.
Winners Take Some
Faculty member Chris Kemerer explores how standards wars between competing products are changing in the digital age.
2014 Business Alumni Association Awards
Six individuals and one corporate partner were honored in 2014 for their positive impact on their professions, community, and the business school.
Playing the Management Game
Katz MBA students get to run a global manufacturer and compete head-to-head with peers in this sophisticated simulation.
Generation After Generation
For some, attending the Katz School is not just an opportunity to learn lifelong lessons — it’s also a family tradition.
Ready to Fly
Graduates of the Katz doctoral program have taken lessons learned in Pittsburgh and applied them as b-school deans all over the world.
Hidden Faculty Talents
Beyond being excellent scholars and teachers, Pitt Business faculty have many other interesting talents that students and alumni don’t know about.
Then & Now
What was it like to be a Katz student in the 1970s compared to today? Bibiana Boerio (MBA ’76) and Jamie Harshman (MBA ’14) weigh in.

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