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The David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh supports ongoing research that addresses issues of corporate social responsibility, ethical leadership, and social issues both locally and globally. We work in collaboration with corporate partners and public and private sector organizations to better understand and impact responsible business practices. We support faculty scholars, doctoral students, and undergraduates in new and ongoing research projects across three key areas: 

Food Security as Social Responsibility

The Berg Center has developed a number of research and applied research projects within the area of Food Security as Social Responsibility, including a scorecard called the Food Abundance Index (FAI) that measures food security within a neighborhood or geographic area. Learn more about FAI, and download the technical report.

Ethical Behavior and Decision Making

The Berg Center supports faculty and doctoral student research that examines a wide variety of ethical challenges within business and society. This includes how to identify, understand, and address unethical actions by individuals, leaders, and firms as well as emerging issues that have ethical implications such as security, privacy, employee voice, and responsible leadership.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Research on corporate social responsibility explores the relationship between socially responsible actions by business and its leadership on organizational effectiveness and societal impact. This includes a broad range of topics such as environmental impact, workers’ rights, governance, diversity and inclusion, shareholder value, corruption, and accountability. View faculty and doctoral student research on corporate social responsibility.