Corporate Social Responsibility

Research on corporate social explores the relationship between socially responsible actions by business and its leadership on organizational effectiveness and societal impact.  This includes a broad range of topics such as environmental impact, workers’ rights, governance, diversity and inclusion, shareholder value, corruption and accountability.

The Berg Center has supported faculty and doctoral research on a variety of topics relevant to corporate social responsibility including:

Faculty Research

  • Brett Crawford, "From 'No Limit to 'Zero Limit': The Institutional Emergence of Environmental Stewardship"
  • Dennis Galletta, David Eargle, Shadi Janansefa,  Dimitar Kunev and Shivendu Pratap Singh, “Integrating Social and Economic Models of Responding to Privacy Messages in Mobile Computing: A Research Agenda”
  • Ray Jones, Audrey Murrell and Elizabeth Smith, “An offer we can refuse? CSR and the environmental impact of Marcellus Shale drilling”.
  • David Lebel, “Understanding Individual Socially Responsible Behavior”  
  • David Lebel and Maynes, "Examining voice outcomes: How speaking up impacts the voicer, peers, and the organization"    
  • Barry Mitnick and Robert Ryan, “On Making Meanings: Curators, Social Assembly, and Mashups”             
  • Frits Pil, "Organizational Responsiveness to Supplier Disruptions: Empirical Evidence from Agri-Food Product Recalls"
  • Narayan Ramasubbu, "Social Change through Information Technology: An Examination of the Business Initiatives Targeted at the Base of the Economic Pyramid in India"
  • Narayan Ramasubbu and Shivendu Singh, “Sustainability of ICT-Based CSR Initiatives: Cases from Rural India”
  • Vanitha Swaminathan, “Why Do Consumers Hate Your Brand? The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Complaints in Anti-Branding Activities”            
  • Vanitha Swaminathan, "Proactive, Reactive, Inactive, or Hypocritical? A Framework of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and Implications for Shareholder Value"
  • Xiaoping Zhao and Audrey Murrell, “Using dynamic panel data analyses to advance strategic management research: An application of estimating the causal influence of corporate social performance on corporate firm performance.”
  • Xiaoping Zhao and Audrey Murrell, Corporate social responsibility reporting as impressing management: The influence of performance feedback based on analyst forecasts. 
  • Xiaoping Zhao and Audrey Murrell, Revisiting the corporate social performance- financial performance link: A replication of Waddock and Graves.

Doctoral Research

  • Emily Bulger, “Carrot or the Stick Governance? Coordinating Socially Responsible, Inter-Firm Initiatives to Modify Routines in the Value Chain”      
  • Eric Chan, "Working Hard but Lying More? An Experimental Investigation of How Effort Influences Managerial Reporting" Eric Chan
  • Wei Chen, "Valuing the Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Response, and Insurance Effect of CSR"       
  • David Eargle, D. Egget, D. Lowery and Anthony Vance, “How Moral Intensity and Impulsivity Moderate the Influence of Accountability on Access Policy Violations in Information Systems”
  • Melinda Ford, “Source of Director Appointment and Director Alignment with Shareholder Incentives on Norms of Reciprocity”