Ethical Behavior and Decision Making

The Berg Center supports research that examines a wide variety of ethical challenges within business and society. This includes how to identify, understand and address unethical actions by individuals, leaders and firms.  This research also looks at emerging issues that have ethical implications such as security, privacy, employee voice and responsible leadership.

The Berg Center has supported faculty and doctoral research on a variety of topics relevant to ethics including:

Faculty Research

  • Brett Crawford, "Race with the (Historical) Devil: From Taboo to Legitimate and Back Again"
  • Dennis Galletta, David Eargle and G. Siegle,  "Using Fearful Facial facial expressions to increase the effectiveness of protective security messages: Proposing an fMRI and field study"
  • Dennis Galletta, David Eargle, C. Brock and Anthony Vance “Integrating Facial Threat Signals into Security Messages: An Extension of Media Naturalness Theory to an Information Security Context.”
  • Dennis Galletta, "Using Human fearful Facial Expressions to Overcome Security Warning Habituation Effects"
  • Dennis Galletta, "Your Memory is Working Against You: How Eye Tracking and Memory Explain Susceptibility to Phishing"            
  • William Hefley, Gas Development: Cases Studies and Impacts 
  • William Hefley, "Commercializing Smart Kitchen Technologies: Technology Transfer Pathways from the Lab to the Home" 
  • G.G. Hegde and Jennifer Shang
  • Shadi Janansefat,  “Opening the Black Box: The Underlying Mechanism of the Causal Relationship Between Motivation and Contribution in OSS Communities” 
  • Brian Knox, “The Neural Basis for the Effect of Strategy Maps on Managers Decision Making”      
  • Carrie Leana and Aleksandra Kovacheva, "The Role of Surprise in Ethical Decision Making and Social Responsibility”               
  • David Lebel, "Moving beyond fight and flight: A contingent model of how the emotional regulation of anger and fear spark proactivity"            
  • David Lebel  and Patil, "Extra credit for proactivity only if I set you free: How granting autonomy shapes supervisor reactions to proactivity"               
  • David Lebel  and Sumanth, "Unlocking the black box: A process model of employee voice"
  • Patrick Martin and Bryan Stikeleather, "Investors' Assessment of Managerial Ethics: A Look at Context"  
  • John Welch, “Ethical Perspectives on a New Model for Assessing African American Spirituality in Palliative Care”

Doctoral Research

  • Brian Dunn, "Digital Borders: User Perceptions and Attribution in the Online Environment"
  • David Eargle, "How Moral Intensity and Impulsivity Moderate the Influence of Accountability on Access Policy Violations in Information Systems"         
  • David Eargle, Bonnie Brinton Anderson; C. Brock Kirwan; Scott R. Jensen and Anthony Vance, "Neural correlates of gender differences and color in distinguishing security warnings and legitimate websites: a neurosecurity study"
  • David Earlge, Bonnie Anderson and Anthony Vance,  “Using Measures of Risk Perception to Predict Information Security Behavior: Insights from Electroencephalography (EEG).”              
  • David Earlge, Bonnie Anderson and Anthony Vance, “Is Your Susceptibility to Phishing Dependent on Your Memory?,”
  • David Eargle, Bonnie Brinton Anderson, C. Brock Kirwan, S. Howard and Anthony Vance, "How polymorphic warnings reduce habituation in the brain: Insights from an fMRI study"     
  • David Eargle, Bonnie Brinton Anderson, C. Brock Kirwan, S. Howard and Anthony Vance, “Users Aren’t (Necessarily) Lazy: Using NeuroIS to Explain Habituation to Security Warnings.”             
  • Melinda Ford, “Social Norm or Window Dressing: The Effectiveness of Code of Ethics on Employee Behavior”       
  • Jirs Meuris, Case Study: Do actions speak louder than words? Apologies, material restitution, and the reputation of unethical actors
  • Robert Ryan, "Ethical Dilemmas in Industry Formation: Evidence from 3D Printing"           
  • Shivendu Singh, “The Impact of ICT Based Solution in Poverty Alleviation and Rural Healthcare: Empirical Investigation”   
  • Yue Zheng and Yangyang Fan, “Product Market Competition and Earnings Management: Evidence from the Banking Industry”