Food Security as Social Responsibility

The David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh has developed a number of research and applied research projects within the area of food security as social responsibility. Our research utilizes the Food Abundance Index (FAI), that measures food security within a neighborhood or geographic area. The index was created to determine the access to and availability of healthy, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food and to eliminate "food deserts"—areas where healthy, affordable food is difficult to obtain.

The technical report that outlines the creation, use, and impact of FAI, as well as the potential contributions it can make and benefits that can accrue through its deployment, is available through the Berg Center and in PDF format below. In addition, the center offers a user's toolkit and training workshops in an effort to eliminate food deserts. The report provides an overview of the FAI scorecard to help individuals, communities, and regions lay the foundation for improving food security and raising communities' economic status, health, and overall well being.

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