BOAH 2456: Managing Offshore Outsourcing

BOAH 2456 – Managing Offshore Outsourcing – 1.5 credits

*pre-requisites: BOAH 2401 or BOAH 2409

This course provides an in-depth assessment of the operational and legal challenges that must be addressed to effectively outsource a company's business processes to overseas locations.The fundamental learning objective is to enhance students' functional skills across the life cycle of these initiatives from process identification and internal restructuring through contract negotiations and ongoing vendor management.We begin with a review of existing frameworks and tools to identify processes that are viable candidates for external sourcing (e.g., Business mapping notation, business process reengineering principles).The consolidation of business processes into domestic shared-service units or captive centers abroad will be treated as a transition stage to more extensive co-sourcing and outsourcing relationships with third-party vendors.From there, students will examine the challenges of developing and executing an offshoring strategy and structuring effective relationships with foreign-based, outsourcing partners.Special attention will be focused on the performance management and corporate social responsibility aspects of these initiatives.A multifunctional perspective is maintained throughout, examining outsourcing trends and best practice in the areas of finance & accounting, HRM, procurement, call center management/customer support, and it.