BOAH 2551 & 2552: Project Course in Organizational Leadership

BOAH 2551 & 2552 – Project Course in Organizational Leadership – 3.0 credits (1.5 credits each semester)

Nisha Nair, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration (

This is a project course. Each student will be associated with an organization, working in teams of two, on the assigned project. Students will be assigned a contact person in the organization, who will serve as their point of contact for the duration of the project. Students are responsible for the completion of the project to the client organization’s satisfaction. The project may involve design, development, delivery, or measurement and evaluation of CSR related projects. The goals of this course are for students to learn and reflect about: (1) Corporate Social Responsibility: Develop appreciation and understanding of corporate social responsibility, its measurement, assessment and challenges through engagement in a live project; and (2) Responsible Leadership: Understand leadership practices and behaviors for sustainable and socially responsible business and develop insights about your own leadership strengths and capabilities.