BSEO 2033: Corporate Environmental Management

BSEO 2033 – Corporate Environmental Management – 1.5 credits

Stanley J. Kabala (

This course is for managers who are not environmental specialists but must handle the challenges and opportunities provided by environmental and sustainability issues in business. This course will take both an external and an internal view.  That is, it will first examine requirements, demands, and expectations and demands placed on firms by outside stakeholders—governments, customers, shareholders, and society at large. Illustrative examples include the Toxics Release Inventory, CERE Principles, and CDR (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project). It will then take up managerial approaches to respond to these pressures, viewing these as potential strategic opportunities.Here the course will explore environmental management systems, e.g., ISO 14001, environmental cost accounting and full cost accounting, and methods of dealing with stakeholders concerned about firm environmental performance.Throughout, emphasis will be placed on actual cases, applied tools, and real-world managerial experience.The course will look at how firms can undertake regular—but essential—activities such as product design, marketing strategies, and stakeholder relationships to gain strategic value.Linkages will be made to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and “creating shared value.”