Centers and Initiatives

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The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration are home to dynamic, unrivaled knowledge and centers that put leading-edge theories into action and practice. Our academic centers create new research, build strong industry partnerships, and give students invaluable opportunities and powerful community support.

David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership

The mission of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership is to add value to organizations through ethical leadership through research, education, and impact.

Center for Branding

We at the Center for Branding are dedicated to producing cutting-edge research in branding and digital marketing for our industry partners, while developing a pool of professionals who excel in digital marketing.

Center for Executive Education

The Center for Executive Education offers results-oriented management and leadership programs for executives, nondegree programs for organizations and large groups, and certification exam training and professional development programs for industry.

Center for Healthcare Management

The Center for Healthcare Management is committed to advancing the practice of health care delivery and to improving overall health and well-being by bringing together researchers and educators from across academic disciplines.

Center for Supply Chain Management

The Center for Supply Chain Management conducts research projects, educational programs, and outreach activities in close collaboration with corporate partners, professional organizations, and other schools within the University of Pittsburgh.

Business of Humanity® Project

The Business of Humanity® Project seeks to improve strategic decision making in organizations using case studies and actual business examples drawn from firms studied in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, India, Russia, and the United States. 

Center for Sustainable Business

The Center for Sustainable Business aims to promote the adoption of more sustainable business practices through innovative research, specialized education and training, and critical thought leadership.