ENGR 2905: Current Issues in Sustainability

ENGR 2905 – Current Issues in Sustainability – 3.0 credits

This course introduces sustainability concepts by deconstructing sustainability into discrete ecological, engineering, economic, and ethical dimensions. The course shows how these fundamental disciplinary concepts, taken together, determine sustainability outcomes. Students will develop skills in formulating tractable solutions to sustainability problems, critically appraise potential solutions, communicating complex sustainability issues, and working with data to study sustainability. By the end of this course, students should be able to transform complex sustainability challenges into more discrete, actionable components;understand technological opportunities to sustainability challenges; understand economic opportunities to sustainability challenges; contrast the technological, economic, and ethical dimensions of sustainability; understand how public policy affects sustainability; develop and apply computer code that allows for data exploration; manipulate and analyze data to understand environmental and technological systems relevant to environmental sustainability; and apply course learnings to diverse case studies.