Customized Education

Your organization is unique. So are its challenges and opportunities. That's why a one-size-fits-all approach to executive education doesn't work. Since 1949, we've worked closely with businesses to create custom programs tailored to their specific needs. The degree of customization depends on your specific profile. We can create yours from scratch or modify it from past successful programs. Given that custom programs may incorporate proprietary information, our client information is always kept confidential.

Client-Focused Approach

Your return on investment is our primary concern. We begin by meeting with your senior leadership team and mapping out your business objectives. Do you need to create a culture of innovation? Develop a strategic vision for a global future? We can help. Katz faculty specialize in the full range of business disciplines. Based on your input, we design a custom program. We develop performance metrics to track the program goals.

We Come to You

To optimize the learning experience, we offer flexibility in the program scheduling. We can bring the program to your location or deliver it at Katz facilities in Pittsburgh. We have experience working with employees in multiple locations, scheduling challenges, and budget constraints.

Contact us today to learn how a custom-designed program can transform your organization.