Work in Progress

Cameron, L. & Meuris, J. “A qualitative and quantitative investigation of within-person income dispersion in the gig economy.” Stage: Study 1 interview and survey data collection.

Meuris, J., Leana, C. & Gilbertson, E. “The value of emergency savings for reducing employees’ financial worry: Evidence from a quasi-experiment.” Stage: Writing draft and additional data collection.

Lamberton, C. “Going gently into that good night: Using behavioral economics to encourage advance planning for end-of-life decisions.” Stage: Two studies complete; field study being planned.

Meuris, J., Lamberton, C. & Leana, C. “Financial concerns and academic performance.” Stage: Study 2 field experiment data collection.

Meuris, J. “Good jobs, employee well-being, and tenure: Evidence from career histories.” Stage: Archival data collection.

Shang, J., May, J. & Nemova, Z. “Optimal strategies for monitoring chronic kidney disease and predicting patients’ demand for care.”

Shang, J., May, J. & Nemova, Z. “Healthcare analytics for chronic disease prognosis predictions: Big data with high-dimensional time series.”

Shang, J., Hegde, G., et al. “Managing complex negative services: Service providers’ use of ethics committees and consultation in healthcare institutions.”

Shang, J., Hegde, G., et al. “Leveraging big data to balance new key performance indicators in ED networks.”