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TiE-Pittsburgh's 5th Annual Start-up & BMR Showcase

The International Business Center was pleased to again host the annual TiE-Pittsburgh Start-up and BMR Showcase.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
5:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.


TiE-Pittsburgh’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring to positively affect the growth and prosperity of our region. For early stage entrepreneurs, getting a new company off the ground and into the market is an exciting but often daunting challenge. TiE-Pittsburgh is presenting its second annual innovative competition for entrepreneurs. Ten finalists will participate. Each finalist will present a three minute pitch to the audience and panel of judges. The judges may ask questions for two additional minutes. The top three companies will be measured on their presentation content & style, responses to questioning, and the showcase of their product. The top three companies will receive awards to promote and cultivate their start-ups. The judges and mentor panel will be comprised of TiE-Pittsburgh Charter Members and prominent business leaders. 

Company Applicant Criteria

  • Accomplished start-up company leaders with passion
  • Great Idea (must have a compelling value proposition)
  • Big Market (some level of validation)
  • Not looking for proven product or service; it is understood that many applicants will be early-stage companies with (as yet unresolved) technology risk
  • May have identified trial customers or confirmed trial customers
  • Pre-Series A (may have raised modest amounts of capital from angels or other sources)