Tansev Geylani

  • Associate Professor of Business Administration


Tansev Geylani joined the Katz faculty in 2004. His research interests include pricing, distribution channels, retailing, product line strategies, information sharing, co-branding, media competition, digital platforms, and marketing regulations. He was named Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar in 2009. Other awards he received include Management Science Distinguished Service (2009, 2011, and 2013) and Meritorious Service awards (2012), Katz Excellence in Research Award (2009), and Katz Excellence in Teaching Award (2008). He was also recognized as a Top 25 Reviewer by Marketing Science in 2017. He currently serves on the Editorial Boards of Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing Research.


  • PhD in Industrial Administration (Marketing), Carnegie Mellon University, 2004
  • MS in Industrial Administration (Marketing), Carnegie Mellon University, 2002
  • MBA, Koç University, 1999
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, M.E.T.U., 1997

Recent Publications

Bender, M., Gal-Or, E., Geylani, T. (2020) “Attracting Artists to Music Streaming Platforms,” European Journal of Operational Research, forthcoming.

Wu, Y., Geylani, T. (2020) “Regulating Deceptive Advertising: False Claims and Skeptical Consumers,” Marketing Science, forthcoming.

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Balachander, S., Gal-Or, E., Geylani, T., Kim, A.  (2017) “Provision of Optional versus Standard Product Features in Competition,” Journal of Marketing, 81 (May), 80-95.

Dukes, A., Gal-Or, E., Geylani, T. (2017) “Bilateral Information Sharing and Pricing Incentives in a Retail Channel,” eds. A. Ha and C. Tang, Handbook of Information Exchange in Supply Chain Management (Springer)

Dukes, A., Geylani, T. (2016) “Dominant Retailers and Their Impact on Marketing Channels,” ed. E. Basker, Handbook on the Economics of Retail and Distribution (Edward Elgar)

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Yildirim, T.P., Gal-Or, E., Geylani, T. (2013) "User-Generated Content and Bias in News Media," Management Science, 59(12), 2655-2666.

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Recent Working Papers
“Imperfect Search Accommodation on an Online Retail Platform” with J. Gu
“Regulating Native Advertising” with Y. Wu and E. Gal-Or
“The Emergence of Streaming Technology and Its Impact on Established Music Providers” with M. Bender and E. Gal-Or
“Should Retailers Keep Their Stores Well-Organized? Strategic Store Design in a Vertical Channel” with J. Gu
“Daily Deal Websites as Matchmakers” with M. Bender and E. Gal-Or.
“Store Loyalty and Competitive Store Brand Strategy” with J. Kinshuk and J. Zhang

Academic Area

Marketing and Business Economics