Reverse Logistics - Implementation and Impact at Dell, Inc.

Reverse Logistics has become a critical component of supply chain management due to its impact on cost, sustainability, branding, customer service, and customer loyalty.  Dell, Inc. and its reverse logistics partner, GENCO, discussed how they manage this important aspect of their business at the Center for Supply Chain Management’s Breakfast Speaker Series on September 18, 2015.

Arjang Assad, the new Henry E. Haller Jr. Dean of the Katz Graduate School of Business and the College of Business Administration began the event by welcoming the speakers and the approximately 95 attendees.  Herb Shear, former executive chairman and CEO of GENCO, was the first speaker and provided an overview of reverse logistics.  Shear’s perspective on reverse logistics was invaluable: As a third generation owner of GENCO, Shear grew the company into a roughly $2 billion reverse logistics powerhouse before selling it to FedEx earlier in the year.  Next, Matt Peterson, supply chain director at Dell, Inc., detailed how Dell has moved toward centralized reverse logistics practices, specifically in relation to asset recovery practices such as product repair, refurbishment, re-manufacturing and recycling.  Peterson demonstrated how Dell used a strategic approach to look at the entire business impact related to reverse logistics to find opportunities for performance improvement.  Dell partners with GENCO in the development and execution of their reverse logistics solution.  The final presenter was Eric Smith, a strategic account executive with GENCO who oversees the Dell relationship.  Smith gave the GENCO perspective on how a close partnership with Dell has been key to unlocking higher levels of performance and optimization.   

The event naturally transitioned from speaker presentations to an interactive question and answer session moderated by Meredith Marsico, the co-chair of the Speaker Series Planning Committee.  Marsico is a specialist in solutions design, consumer and industrial at GENCO and Katz Graduate School of Business alumna.  Questions led to discussions about warranty service costs, improving speed in the repair cycle, removing waste in inventory and industries where reverse logistics are more challenging. 

After the event, Matt Peterson and Eric Smith met with students in a more informal session to discuss career paths and opportunities in their industries.