San-e Ichii

International Distinguished Alumni Award

San-e Ichii (MBA ’92)

Senior Managing Director & Secretary General, VIPO


San-e Ichii is the senior managing director and secretary general at Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), in Tokyo, Japan. As a non-profit, VIPO supports market and human resources development to make the Japanese media industry internationally competitive. Ichii’s work plays a key role in the Japanese government’s “Cool Japan” strategy, focusing on music, film, publishing, broadcasting, and Anime.

Prior to his role at VIPO, Ichii served as the representative director and CEO at EMI Music Japan, Inc. His work contributed to the EMI Music Group, one of four major music companies in the world keeping the top tier position in Japan.

Ichii is a certified public accountant in the U.S. and an authorized trainer for the Dale Carnegie Training Courses in Japan, where he teaches individuals and businesses how to improve their performance around the world.