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Established in 2014, the Pitt Business Center for Supply Chain Management is dedicated to the study of critical issues in global supply chain management. Financial support from the Pittsburgh-based logistics provider GENCO (now FedEx Supply Chain) and Herb Shear, the company's former CEO and executive chairman, made the creation of the center possible.

I have an entrepreneurial vision for the Center for Supply Chain Management. I see it being industry-centric. I see it as a place where students and faculty can engage with industry and where industry can engage with the University.

-- Herb Shear, Former Executive Chairman and CEO, GENCO 

Mission and Strategy

The center provides student and faculty interactions with industry representatives, oversees student experience-based learning activities in supply chain management courses, and generates intellectual leadership in supply chain management. 

The mission of the center is to promote the pursuit of excellence in supply chain management research, education, and outreach in close collaboration with corporate sponsors, related professional organizations, other centers at Pitt Business, and other schools at the University of Pittsburgh.

Designed as an interdisciplinary unit, the center brings together faculty in business and engineering, covering such functional areas as operations, information technology, strategy, accounting, and customer insights and analytics. The interdisciplinary structure follows the synergistic role that diverse fields play in modern supply chains.

Industry Connections

In order to support the activities of the center, the school will create a Supply Chain Management Industry Council composed of member companies with strong interests in supply chain management and a genuine concern for the future enhancement of the field.

Members provide crucial advice into programmatic initiatives of the center to help develop talent in the supply chain management profession. Members have enhanced opportunities to engage with supply chain management undergraduate and graduate students in experience-based learning projects, internships, employment options, and cooperative education programs. Furthermore, members can host faculty members for lectures at their company and they have the first option to review supply chain management research facilitated by the center.

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Academic Programs

The center leverages strengths in supply chain management at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and undergraduate College of Business Administration.

The center helps to develop the next generation of talent in supply chain management by offering students practical, hands-on experiences in issues such as logistics, sourcing and procurement, quality control, process improvement, project management, managing supplier relationships, information technology, sustainability, and risk management. Of particular interest to the center are the dramatic changes in supply chain management that are creating new paradigms, new partnerships, and new structures.

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The Center is grateful for the support of its sponsors and would like to recognize foundational sponsors GENCO and it former chairman, Herb Shear, whose support led to the establishment of the Center.

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