Breakfast Speaker Series Planning Committee

Gregory DeLuca
Manager of Worldwide Sales, FedEx

Greg Kaiser Sr.
Former VP Global Technical Solutions, Hershey Company

Mark Kush
Director of Customer Collaboration and Service, Goodyear

William Lekse
Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Daniel E. Leone
North America Internal Audit Manager, Alcoa

Jack Martis
Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Prakash Mirchandani
Professor of Business Administration and Director, Center for Supply Chain Management, University of Pittsburgh

Geoffrey Muessig
Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Pitt Ohio

Dhruv Raina
Director of Product Sustainability, Tarkett USA Inc.

Sandra Turko
North American Strategic Sourcing Category Manager, ABB Inc.; Committee Cochair

Meredith Williams
Director of Solution Design, DHL Supply Chain; Committee Cochair